Acupuncture for Modern Times

Acupuncture and Cupping Clinic in Oviedo, Florida


Acupuncture for Modern Times

Acupuncture and Cupping Clinic in Oviedo, Florida

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Your healing is at the heart of what I do.

My integrative approach is designed to help reclaim your health. It starts with truly listening to your concerns and then applying evidence-based techniques to create the most effective treatment plan tailored to your concerns. That is why your first appointment is 90 minutes long.


Treatment and care

Healing services

Acupuncture, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and herbal medicine are all recognized as effective treatments for a variety of acute and chronic issues. These proven practices focus on restoring your body’s ability to heal when incorporated as part of a comprehensive approach to your overall health.

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Alleviates pain and promotes healing through the use of teeny-tiny needles placed at distinct points on the body.

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Increases blood flow and helps reduce pain through specially heated cups that create a suction on your skin.

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Herbal Medicine

Helps regain balance and strengthen your body’s defense against diseases.

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(Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization) Breaks down fascial adhesions and scar tissue that contribute to chronic pain.


I love my patients!

Erica has a gift! When I started at Modern Acupuncture my shoulder was a mess. In short order she worked her magic and I’ve seen continual improvement in mobility, reduced stress, etc. She takes the time to talk and discover where focus may be needed. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Chip T.

Erica is a true gem.

What makes Erica truly remarkable is not only her level of dedication, but also her level of skill. She is extremely gentle, concerned for your well-being, and knowledgeable about many different techniques. She has an amazing sense of humor and exquisite taste in music. She is calming and knows how to get your Zen on. Erica is easily one of my favorite humans on this planet, and I always look forward to each visit.

Ken H.

Erica is amazing at what she does. In the past I tried many doctors and medications for my ailments and have found very little relief. I was looking for something different and I am so glad I visited Erica. She was able to meet all my needs and I was able to see improvement in my overall health immediately. She is very knowledgeable and caring with her patients. I highly recommend her.

Crystal W.

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Erica. She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in acupuncture, and highly committed to helping her patients achieve wellness.

I appreciate her clean, welcoming office space and her commitment to patient safety and comfort. I definitely recommend Erica to anyone looking to reduce pain and live better!

Heather L.

The first thing I really appreciated when I went to see Erica was how she took her time and listened to what my problems were without rushing. I really felt heard.

Also, she is very gentle with her needling. I have gone to her on and off through the years with great results. I highly recommend her to family and friends.

Susan W.

Erica is fantastic! If you are looking for an acupuncturist look no further. I had back, hip and shoulder pain and it has been substantially reduced.

Erica takes the time to get to know you and therefore can identify the best plan. She is fun to talk to so it’s almost like you’re not getting needled!

Tom S.

Highly recommended. Intuitive, thorough, and personable. You can't find a better practitioner.

Brett W.

Erica was very kind and sweet and knows her stuff! I wanted to try Acupuncture for my lower back pain to see how it would help me.
I would recommend her for anyone that is willing to give acupuncture a try for any kind of pain.

Jacqueline L.

Meet Erica Easter, Founder and Practitioner

Acupuncture Physician, MSOM

I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome after spending years typing on a keyboard. I saw many Western doctors and my choices were limited to quitting my job, steroid injections, and surgery. Fed up and scared, I researched alternatives and found acupuncture. I was so transformed by acupuncture that I promptly decided I wanted to become an acupuncturist, too.

Three weeks later I signed up for school and began my journey into this beautiful and rewarding medicine. I graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine in 2014 with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Public Health Services. I also hold a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Florida.

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front window of the modern acupuncture clinic in oviedo, florida

Welcome to my clinic

Modern Acupuncture is conveniently located near downtown Oviedo. The office features two treatments rooms and our space is designed to be a welcoming and contemporary studio where you’ll feel at ease each time you come.

Completely relax on a comfy heated massage table during your session. Learn more about Acupuncture →