About Acupuncture


When it comes down to it, the essence of acupuncture revolves around flow and movement.

Where there is flow there is no pain; where there is no flow, there is pain.

The flow of blood, flow of lymph, flow of nerve impulses, flow of myofascially-mediated electricity, flow of emotions, flow of thoughts — all of it — we are made to flow. When that flow becomes impeded or obstructed, it manifests as pain, disease, and unprocessed emotions.

My job as an acupuncturist is to find out where the flow is compromised and work to get it moving again, thus allowing the body to heal itself.

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How can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture is a complete holistic healing system that, when done correctly and consistently, can stimulate the body’s various systems to improve sleep, aid digestive function, and reduce pain associated with a variety of diseases and conditions, including:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Back and neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Menstrual cramps
  • And much more

Plus, don’t forget that acupuncture has been a key component of Traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years. Pretty impressive track record, don’t you think?


Acupuncture FAQs

Does it hurt?

It’s easy to see why people think it hurts (after all, it’s needles going into your skin); however, I wouldn’t describe it as pain since the needles are as fine as a human hair. Sometimes you may feel a mild aching sensation upon initial insertion, yet the feeling dissipates rapidly. After insertion some people can even feel a “whoosh” in their body, which is actually their Qi flowing in a good and different way.

If I’m afraid of needles, should I still try it?

Who isn’t!? 🙂 I’ve treated many people who were afraid of needles. Acupuncture is absolutely NOT the same as getting a shot or getting your blood drawn. In fact, syringes used for that are 13 times larger! Most people that are afraid still do very well with acupuncture and are able to deeply relax after the needles are inserted.

How many needles are used during my treatment?

The number of needles used each session varies depending on what is being treated. I’d say a typical treatment uses anywhere between 10 to 20 needles. Once a needle is in place I may gently move or twirl it. This is done to stimulate the targeted areas and help alleviate pain.

How long do sessions take?

Plan on being here for 1 hour. This allows us time to go over your symptoms, talk through your health concerns and answer any questions you may have. Then it’s onto the actual acupuncture part. The needles are usually kept in place for 15-30 mins, which gives you the perfect time for a nap! It’s not uncommon to fall asleep since your mind and body are so deeply relaxed.

Is it safe?

Yes. Acupuncture has very few side effects, so it’s a safe therapeutic modality. There are some health conditions that may not make you a good fit for acupuncture, but we can talk through all of that to make sure it’s okay for you. Each needle is individually wrapped in sterile packing that is opened during your session and disposed after use.

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine goes hand-in-hand with acupuncture, so it’s a resource I often recommend to my patients to enhance their treatment goals.

Keep in mind that herbal medicine is not the same as pharmaceuticals. While there are some quick-acting formulas, generally it is a process.

Since different herbs are used to help different things, I’ll make sure to find the right blend for your need.

erica easter

Hey there! I'm Erica Easter, owner of Modern Acupuncture.

I was inspired to train to become an acupuncturist after a firsthand experience where acupuncture transformed my health. I opened my doors in 2015 and since then have expanded into my new clinic in Oviedo in 2020.

Credentials: Florida College of Integrative Medicine and University of Florida.